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So I've been summons for Jury service in my hometown & had …

So I've been summons for Jury service in my hometown & had to fill out a qualifications questionnaire AND put down that I no longer live in New York, haven't been for a year but some how I still qualify?! HOW?!?!


— My mom was summoned when I was little she had 5 kids at the time and she tried using the I don’t got a babysitter act the judge told her she had time to find one

— @izzyaspie, @raisingbabes, yep! When they summons me again they are going to get the same answer so I don’t know what will happen then 🤷🏻‍♀️

— They shouldn't summons people who are pregnant or who have young children! Hell they should give the option to volunteer first. Like I dont care to have the decision to choose rather that person is guilty or not honestly.

— Just call and say you don’t have a babysitter. That’s what I did and they said I don’t qualify again until Orion is 5.

— I shouldn't qualify at all lol I'm not a New York resident & haven't been for a year. I think its cause I haven't switched my license over yet smh but still, I'm due next month & have 2 toddlers at home with me. This is bs & now I cant even get ahold of someone 🙄

— @raisingbabes, yeah, that’s definitely why. The same thing happened to my sister when she moved to Texas. When does it say you have to appear?

— @izzyaspie March 19th, I've been calling & no answer 🙃 I might have to get a family member up there to stop by the office for me.

— 🤦🏻‍♀️

That’s crazy.
I got summons but was able to put it off for a few months. I honestly didnt have an transportation to get there since my husband works and I don’t have a baby sitter for our daughter they don’t care told me they will summons me again on the next case 🤷🏻‍♀️

— Wow that’s insane.

— That's bs!