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Y’all I’m watching teen mom young and pregnant right now an…

Y’all I’m watching teen mom young and pregnant right now and the way this girl has her baby in his car seat is crazy.


— Omg noooo we watched it Tuesday & I almost had a heart attack. The past episodes its been bad but this is way worse. Makes me so sick!!

— @hilligermomx2, girl that’s what I’m wondering. Like the film crew has to know that’s not the right way

— @llcoolkay Yesss & her mom. It’s so ridiculous.

— @hilligermomx2, right??? Her mom probably strapped her in like that too

— She’s always putting that child in the wrong way! It’s so fucking annoying and she doesn’t give a shit ago it her baby.

— I know it’s so sad. I hate seeing that shit

— @llcoolkay, I wanna go through the TV and ream her neck she’s so worried about her and her girlfriends stupid toxic relationship that she just throws her baby in the car seat without harnessing him in the correct way.

— @jays.mom., ugh seriously!!! Like fuck that girl and protect your baby

— MTV don’t care they set these ppl up for failure some of these bitches story’s are cps worthy and let the child suffer.. smh gross 🤦🏽‍♀️

— Yeah that’s true. It’s messed up

— Omg I saw that too !! I've seen him also only buckled with the chest clip !!! It was making me cringe !!! Brianna also doesn't buckle in her son correctly. You'd think producers would try and correct that before airing ? Lol

— @kaycharwy312, right!! There’s so many people that don’t understand car seat safety that will see that and think it’s normal.

— @llcoolkay or they know and think that it's not a big deal because they are "safe drivers" or "nothing will happen"

— @kaycharwy312, ugh exactly. It’s sad

— And this is why, other moms think it’s okay to ride around with their kid buckled like this! SMDH!

— @oggirl.mom, yep! I’ve seen other girls on there too having their babies I’m wrong

— @llcoolkay, theirs only one girl on that show that actually has her kid facing the right way and buckled right but I forgot which one I think Kayla ..

— @flamingfiremom, yeah I think it’s kayla too! She seems to have her shit together lol

— I saw it to I was shocked! These girls get paid big money and can’t even buckle their damn kids in normal.

— Seriously!!!! It’s insane

— Oh it gets even worse than that girl ! sometimes she only will buckle the chest clip on his stomach and not even buckle in the bottom part. she’s soo focused on her relationship with her girlfriend that she doesn’t care enough about her child’s safely it’s sad

— @llcoolkay, people are just too complacent and it’s sad .cuz no one wants to take precautions

— @flamingfiremom, like my mother keeps saying face ur daughter forward.. I don’t see anyone else facing their kid that way but u I’m like yeah because everyone is uneducated kids should be rear facing until 2+

— @flamingfiremom, I had a friend like that too. I put my daughter forward facing when she was like 2 and a half and she kept telling me that I’m crazy for not turning her around already. I’m just like why?

— I was watching that last night and thinking the same thing 😩

— It’s honestly crazy that the producers/ camera people allow that or show it

— @llcoolkay, I was saying the same thing but since the start of her baby being newborn til now she always was terrible at buckling her kid in and no one says shit n jst allows it smh