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How safe is breastfeeding while taking Xanax? If a mama bre…

How safe is breastfeeding while taking Xanax? If a mama breastfeeds in the morning like 7 am and then takes the Xanax and doesn’t breastfeed again until 8 at night, is that safe? Asking for my sister, she has really bad anxiety and can’t keep living like this.


— If she took a Xanax at 7 a.m. then took a piss test at 8 p.m. she's still gonna have xanax in her system so no. She either needs to quit breastfeeding and start taking care herself or find a different med that's safe for both of them.

— There are other daily medications she could take that are safe while breastfeeding. If her main doctor won't discuss it then she should get a referral to see a psychiatrist who knows about the meds they are giving out. Xanax shouldn't be the first thing they try.

— Ehhhhh...thats gonna be a no. I would just switch to formula honestly. Baby and mama will both be getting what they need that way. A mother's sanity is just as important in my opinion. Love to your sister, anxiety sucks

— If the er dr is prescribing it i assume she told the dr she was BF so I assume the dr wouldn’t be prescribing something that isn’t safe

— No I dont think she should take Xanax while nursing. Can she pump and dump instead? Or like the others have said she needs to talk to her regular dr about a daily med to take for anxiety. Also the er dr, or who ever is prescribing them to her, should tell her if it’s safe or not. I find it odd they won’t discuss meds. That part has be confused a bit

— If her doctor won’t talk to her it maybe because she never prescribed but I’d say hell no

— It’s definitely something she needs to discuss with her doctor and if he doctor doesn’t want to talk about medication, she needs to fight a new doctor.

— No. There are pregnancy and breastfeeding safe medications and Xanax isn’t one of them. It doesn’t leave your system. It’s an every day pill that stays there. It’s not like having a drink.

— Thanks!

— She also needs to report those doctors because they're supposed to discuss those things with you.

— This exactly. Doesn't make any sense why the Dr would prescribe it but then refuse to answer any questions about it. Sounds sketchy to me. 🤷🏻‍♀️

— @nothingtoseehere, I don’t understand what your problem is. Her doctor won’t discuss it, the fact of taking medicine. The ER doctor prescribed Xanax, stating it may be safe, dependent on when and how often she breastfeeds. Nothing is sketchy.

— @shauna.johnson I don't have a problem, you just weren't being very clear.

— Tell her NOT to take it!
She needs to contact her ob to be prescribed a proper anxiety medication safe enough to use while BF

— i would say no. it would be passed on to the baby and could cause excessive drowsiness that could lead to respiratory problems (too tired to breathe, on the more extreme side they could suffocate from drowsiness and die, not trying to scare y’all but it’s true), and feeding issues.

— But won’t it be out of her system by then? He is 16 months old so she is trying to weigh the options between being healthy for herself mentally and breastfeeding him.

— @shauna.johnson, i was thinking of a younger baby. if he’s that old, it ~might~ be safer but im no doctor. i’d still say no until she had a doctor approve it to be safe. xanax isn’t meant to be an everyday medication, she should look into a more long term medication. taking xanax everyday for an extended period of time doesn’t sound like it’d be in her best interest. i know that even during the worst anxiety attack, a small dose makes it almost impossible to for me to keep functioning. something like zoloft or lexapro, or that classification of drug would be more helpful, it’ll change the way her brain works long term rather than just reducing anxiety until the drug leaves your system.

— She should talk to her doctor about that.

— @nothingtoseehere, I was asking for other moms personal experience!

— @nothingtoseehere I don't mean to sound like an ass but taking xanax while bf is definitely something that needs to be discussed with a doctor. Not randoms on an app.

— @nothingtoseehere, okay thanks