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How many times should I give my 6 month old girls a oatmeal…

How many times should I give my 6 month old girls a oatmeal? How many spoons??


— Your baby isn't 6 month old yet though? She's only 5 🤔

— @salmarahman09 well they're wrong. They're only 5 months and 16 days old. March 1st will end the 5th month.

— @beetlejuice_beetlejuice_beetlejuice, can you be specific and explain that way I show it to my husband! Thanks

— @salmarahman09
They're not 6 months old yet because the end of February has not passed, although there is no 30th day in February they will be 6 months old the start of March. The begining of each month does not change how old they are. The only day that is significant in changing their age would be the day they were born. The 30th of each month would increase their age on months except the month of February. Leap years (Feb has 29 days) March 1st would be the start of 6 months while non leap years (28days) March 2nd would be the start of 6 months.

— My baby was eating real food at that age like bananas, mashed potatoes, basically anything that was smushy Nd soft

— @salmarahman09, milk should still be their maim source til they are one. At about 6 months my son was also eating what we would but we would make it all smushy. He would eat like banana (the banana i would scrape the sides with a spoon and it gets all mushy and soft) in the morning and like 4 oz of food that we would have for dinner. But he continued drinking his milk regular.

— @garay88, like I don’t know where to start!! How many ounces I should gave them fruit and veggies? After how many hours for each secession? Since I have twins!!!

— @salmarahman09, you can start by breakfast. Same time you would have breakfast. My son didn’t like oatmeal. But he loved bananas. So I would give him that in the morning. And in the evening I would give him what we ate like mushy bean with a little Mexican rice. But just a little the first times to see how his stomach would take it. Like 3-4 baby spoons

— By 6 months I was doing vegetables or fruit 3 times a day. I didn’t do the oatmeal at all. I felt like it was basically pointless.

— I was trying to gave them vegetables and fruits! U know everyone smart in our family who would listen lolz! What kind of food and vegetables? Which they will like most??

— @salmarahman09, I would start with all vegetables first, and then fruits.

— I’m not sure what’s recommended. I only gave my baby it once a day just in the fear of too much could constipate him.

— Yeah that’s what I was seeing becoz I gave them twice in the morning and at night! I see it’s hard for them to poop! So I will reduce to once now!

— How many table spoons??