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Hello Ladies. So my due date is a week after my first turn…

Hello Ladies.

So my due date is a week after my first turns 2, so I'm realizing I'm gonna need a good double stroller that I can put a carseat on for newborn. I already have graco click connect carseat if possible. Any one know of any?


— I have the Citi mini brand, and I absolutely love it. Its smooth and fits through door ways with no problems.

— Tbh I already have graco seat so dont wanna have to get another fir another stroller plus it's on the higher price side but thanks!

— I have the graco uno2duo. I’m not sure of all the purchase options but when I bought it I bought it as a travel system with my second and I purchased the second seat for my 3rd. It may be a lot cheaper to purchase it used with the second seat already.

— I looked into this one but tbh it seems complicated. Maybe it's just the way it looks? I could be wrong. Is it?

— @saintsmama, it’s really easy to put together and to use. It is on the big side. It closes and opens with one hand. It rides smooth.


— Ps. I didnt see you put 2nd one so when I say one I posted was the ready2grow. And "one you posted" being duoglider.

— @saintsmama, I just went to Walmart tonight and they had a Graco double stroller there. I don’t remember what it was called 🤦🏻‍♀️ and I’m not sure if every Walmart would have it but definitely go check your local one out

— @mommaofjais awesome I definitely am. I'm hoping it will be a present from someone. Lol

— These are the ones I’ve been looking at.

— That one looks good too! Ugh I hate so many choices.

— @saintsmama, I know!! I can’t decide lol

— P.s. thinking of this one


Has anyone used this?