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Anybody body start potty training at 1? Like starting with…

Anybody body start potty training at 1?

Like starting with once a day going the same time every day ?

To get them on schedule ??

I was 🤔 maybe like before bed to put her on the potty , since I work early in the am and usually don’t have time .

Edit: training a girl


— It’ll just make you crazy, why not just wait? Is she even walking yet? Can she sit still for several minutes? There’s really no point in starting now. Wait 6-8 months at least

— Girl she walks runs walk everything

— I put my 16 month old the potty getting him used to it. It was all him he decided he was ready. He’s gone few times but it’s not an on going process. He does sit few times a day for a min or 2 each time.

— But that’s a good start , so he won’t be scared of it

Imma prob look for a nice girly potty

— @mamaof2soon,
My son started to sit on the potty on his own. And now I just encourage it daily. My other’s it was definitely rough not an easy process. My 3 year old will scream pick a fight the whole 9 yards but when I was trying to get him to sit when the lil one came over and was interested. I’m hoping seeing the lil one getting potty trained he wanna get trained but nope. No, luck.

— @mamaof2soon,
Let her pick out the potty 🚽 might help.

— I tried with both mine, bad idea my 3 year old is now just getting potty trained my second knows when he has to go and sits on it but won’t go on it

— @mamaof2soon, you don’t need to start at 12 months to avoid having a 4 year old on a changing table! Lol! Most kids are potty trained between the ages of 2-3.

— @2sweetie, I don’t mean like full force. Training but just to get her used to the oittt

— @mamaof2soon, well you can put the potty out and see what she does but she will need to learn how to control herself, like hold it for a period of time then release. I put the potty out for my son about a month ago but he just uses it as a stool. I tried sitting him with his diaper off but he didn’t know how to release. Getting them to sit is only half the battle.

— I started with my boy at 1. He was trained by 2 but still went in his pull ups because he wasn't ready to be a big boy

— I didn't start potty training, but I introduced the potty to my oldest at 1. I would let him run around naked alot since he would get horrible diaper rashes, and that helped. Anytime he had an accident I would say pee pee and take him to the little potty. By around 18 months he really understood the concept of the potty and by 20 months he was fully trained. I don't think I would push potty training at 1 but introducing it to them and getting them comfortable with the concept might be a good idea!!

— Yea I don’t want to be like damn no pampers right now lol

But to atleast let her know what it is

— Way too early

— I’ve never trained a girl and heard it was easier, then training a boy

— Was the same for me, neither are difficult if you wait until they are ready and be patient.

— One seems super young. I feel like they would get sick of it really fast and it would back fire

— @mamaof2soon a year doesn't seem like a normal time to potty train lol. My daughter was not easy to potty train at all. Every child is different I don't think the gender matters

— @massgirl, Agreed. I don’t think gender matters. It’s about the child & their readiness.

— @massgirl, oh ok

To me my son was fairly easy but every is different like you said .

— I feel like potty training is an all or nothing type of thing. One seems extremely young. Is she showing any signs of readiness?

— No lol

With my son I started him at 1 years old sitting him on the potty everytime before bed , he was trained by 2 years old . He was NOT ready but after going a few times he knew what to do with accidents of course but that’s why it took almost a year

— @mamaof2soon, I wouldn’t force it if she’s not ready. It’ll take a long time & it’s kind of pointless. You can wait until she shows signs of readiness and then fully train her in a couple of days.

— @ekko, like she will go to the changing table sometimes lol

Or scratch her but