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Did anyone have a medicated birth first time but natural second time?

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— i haven’t yet, but i will be in the next few weeks haha

— I had epidural the first time and didn’t the second time

— I had epidural for both but not for my third one.

— My first 2 were medicated and my 3rd wasn’t. The unmediated birth was freakin wonderful. I was able to do so much more with baby. And able to shower right away. And we went home way earlier too. Also recovery was SO much faster. Baby was so much more alert compared to my other babies. I’ll be doing it again in a few weeks 🙂

— @flamingfiremom, oh no! So sorry!

— Did you just labor at home awhile before going in?

— @amandamduval, no I was induced cause I was way past my due date 😂 This time, I will be laboring at home. I told my doctor, I’m not going in till my water breaks or contractions are 2 minutes apart. He told me just to call L&D when I was on my way to the hospital so we could meet there at the same time.

— I had all 3 without an epidural. My first and 3rd were emergency induction with pitocin. That pain was definitely worse than when I went into natural labor with my second. Having a good support system and letting them know you want to go unmedicated.

— This gives me hope! Cause I was induced with my 3rd and without epidural. I didn’t think it was that bad. My husband was a rockstar during the whole thing. This time, I’m not planning to be induced- unless there’s an emergency.

— That induction medicine is horrible. Makes contractions 10 times worse.

— @lareina_kk, that’s what I heard!

— I was induced with my daughter, had my son all natural, was induced and had an epidural with my 3rd. And honestly, if I could have gone all natural with my last I totally would. If i have any more, I'll go all natural again.

— 1st natural unmedicated and induced. Second epidural, 3rd c section, 4th natural half medicated

— Dang girl, you've been through it ALL!

— @leonardsquared 😂😂 yup. I'm scared for number 5