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This nexplanon hurts like a mf. And i know it’s only going to hurt more tomorrow. 😣

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— Aww did u just get or something

— Yes

— I’ve had three so far I puked when they take them out it hurts like hell

— Yeah last one i had removed it took them forever to cut out

— @kellynicole, ugh 😩 I know I sweat like crazy when they do that ... I bled for two years straight that got old so I got it out thinking about the patch but idk

— @kush_queen420, i had the patch for a while

— This is what I'm getting!! Eeeek!

— It’s not so bad today. I think because i kept moving it

— After the first 2 days it will go away! I had it for like a year... I didn’t like it cause I wasn’t getting my period consistently lmao and it made me super moody

— I hope it does me good. I got it removed last time after 3 mo