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Does anyone have plans for valentine's day with there SO?

Does anyone have plans for valentine's day with there SO?


— Hubby works so we might go out to dinner the night before as sort of a last date before baby number two arrives.

— We are going out to dinner. He bought me fancy shoes 😍 and I made him a book with pictures I had taken of myself.

— We’ve been throwing ideas around. Just because we haven’t done anything in a while. You?

— Idk depends if we’re not broke

— Yup. Makin a baby 🤷‍♀️

— That sounds like a great plan to me lol

— Mine has to work 😔 I don’t know if we will do something a different day or what 🤷🏻‍♀️

— I'm trying to do a family Vday and go to the snow

— @massgirl @ss3mom @rybugg413 yah we have our kiddos to. Maybe a nice dinner together.. then my hubby suprise birthday party is Saturday so

— Nope. We already celebrated kind this month when we went out to our fancy steak house for dinner. This will be the first year we'll have our daughter with us so we'll probably just do take out

— We are going up the mountains for the weekend. We do every year for Presidents’ Day weekend cause my dh is off that Sunday, he works ever Sunday. So we will leave Friday around lunch time go sledding sat then hang out then drive home Sunday

— Nope, we will probably just grab a bite to eat. We’ve always got the kids so there’s no dating.