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Why is it that when men are sick it’s like the world has su…

Why is it that when men are sick it’s like the world has suddenly fallen. Everything is to much and they can’t do nothing. But us moms don’t get no sick days and not get to do nothing. It’s like taking care of 3 babies !


— @luv_2b_amomma @sumria Thank you, men are babies!! Lol

— I dont even have the words fir how much I feel this!

— My SO was like this 😂 he has been doing it less and less bc I told him moms/wives/gfs have a constant joke that men act like they’re dying when they have a simple cold/sniffle

— Their moms spoiled them lol

— YEPPP. Not just about sickness but my SO mom spoiled him very much so that I had to teach him how to start a washer!! And he was 20...I guess it’s the norm in his family because when his mom and dad got divorced his dad pretty much made his sister do all the things around the house for them by the time she was 12/13 (cook, clean, wash their clothes,etc.) she’s the only girl it was her, their dad, my SO, and their older brother

— @mandehhhx3, I had to teach my husband that he has to clean after himself 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🙄 lol
I do everything, but he can pick up after himself when I come back from work etc.

— I gave birth 2 weeks ago. And my husband was laid up on the couch with a neck-ache from sleeping on the couch at the hospital. Oh... and apparently caught the consumption.... he's a weenie.

— Congratulations on giving birth! He’s complaining about neck ache and you just pushed a baby out of you haha men should be ashamed of themselves. We don’t complain or stop when we have 100 different task to do in one day.

— This is my boyfriend. If I’m sick he still expects me to cook, clean, take care of the kids everything. But if he’s sick he can’t even give himself medicine 🙄

— @luv_2b_amomma, mine just tells me it’s just a cold. Coming from the man who had to miss work because he had been working overtime and was tired and need to rest 🙄

— @kesh-kesh, 😂😭😭 oh jeez ! Yeah it’s always nothing that serious when it comes to us. But it’s deadly when it comes to men. How do they think we feel 24/7 lol

— @luv_2b_amomma, he tells me I’m always sick so I should be use to it and that he hardly gets sick so it’s worst for him lol.