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I feel awful today. My dr doesn’t seem too concerned about …

I feel awful today. My dr doesn’t seem too concerned about my iron levels so I guess I’m okay lol. The last time I got my levels checked they were 10.4, and today they were 8.2.

Y’all I am constantly trying to raise my iron with eating the right foods and also drinking OJ to help my body absorb it better. I used to take iron pills but the constipation got so awful (I won’t go into details haha but very painful!!) I can’t bare to do it anymore. I know I need to though. :(

It’s a constant battle of feeling tired/exhausted but never being able to sleep. I am so wore out.


— I take iron pills and eat foods to boost my iron and it’s still not enough it’s like my body rejects the iron so now I have to get iron infusions and it’s like this even if I’m not pregnant

— Idk what else to do honestly lol! It is just hard to constantly feel tired 24/7 lol. But I guess that’s mom life, looks like you do it better than me and I only have one 😂. I gotta push through just wish I could do something more. It affects me sometimes cause I feel so lazy cause I’m constantly tired and saying I’m tired even when I don’t do much 😂

— @mandehhhx3, hahaha I drink lots of coffee lol and having twins they keep me pretty busy lol and also when Im at work I’m on my feet for 13 hours so I guess I just kinda forget how tired I am till I get home and want to rest.

— @mandehhhx3, take a nap when your little one does if you can