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I hope I never have to push out a baby naturally with no medicine again that was the worst pain of my damn life ..on a good note he was only 6lbs 13oz i probably would of died if he was any bigger lol

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β€” excatly what i said once i pushed my son out , 🀣🀣 he was an ounce bigger than your son though 🀣

β€” @flamingfiremom i just kept looking at my husband with a blnk face , he kept asking me if i was okay . it just burned horribly .

β€” @jaaybabbies, the burn and I can feel the tearing all over the place so it burned 10x more

β€” @flamingfiremom, i didn’t tear to much i had 2 stitches .. but the burning is what threw me for the loop . i asked ant to go gst me a ice pack for after . i made them give me a shower 20 minutes after i had my son the burning had to go .

β€” With my first son the epidural didn't work and I felt everything. My son also ripped me and I needed stiches. You are a pro mama.

β€” Oh gosh it’s the worst

β€” @flamingfiremom I was telling the lady I feel my legs and I feel these contractions strong. I was freaking out and it hurt so bad I didn't wanna push

β€” I did that with my daughter. I had an epidural placed but it did NOTHING because I progressed so fast I had her an hour after it was placed. She was 7lbs 14oz

β€” Omg i just had my son all natural 9 lb 4 oz surprisingly no stitches

β€” Wow lucky you my vag is on fire wen I have to pee or do anything I literally got like 10 stitches all over

β€” @flamingfiremom, i got a couple with my oldest and i remember than burning allllll too well πŸ₯΄

β€” Mine was close I had epidural at the end but all basically natural

β€” My son broke a nerves in my coming out so when i have sex damn it hurts and they said it will heal over till bo stitches with both kids but contractions hurt like hell

β€” I did it all natrual no meds with my other 4 and plan to do it with this one too if they let me idk cause im getting fixed after this baby<3

β€” I’m rethinking having more kids since this was all the opposite of how I expected it to go .. ive nvr experienced pain any worse then this ... I didn’t think I was gunna go from 4cm-10cm in less than 30 minutes cuz with my daughter it took a few hours

β€” Ya it goes a bit faster with the more ya have or at least sometimes cause with my second it was 21hours the rest 5hours lol