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So people been complaining about my mother from the building she smokes at 1am, 3am,5am,walking out of our apartment and outside the building, then she throws the cigarette buds in front of the building and the first floor has a lady that has a breathing tank attached at all times we asked my mother not to smoke Infront but she still does. She is looking for a job but has really bad long frizzy puffy hair that refuses to cut and takes a shower only once a week which makes her always smell like sweet and has an expired ID which she doesn't want to do an application for a new one and when she goes to job interviews she shoes the expired ID and looks like a bum and smells like sweat and never bring a copy of her resume.

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— Wow that’s a lot.

— Give her an ultimatum. She can’t be freeloading forever. She either gets a job or she needs to find somewhere else to stay

— @verguinia, but she is living with you. You can kick her out whenever. Mom or not.

— @littleonemorning no I can't she said I live with the baby dad nothing is mine is all his

— @verguinia, then tell him. She still doesn’t have to live with you

— Tell her get out your ass stinks 😷 she obviously has no intention of keeping a job let’s get real smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ idk y ppl put up with this messy shit 🙄

— @verguinia, so change your locks and throw out her shit... it’s not hard if ur man is allowing this shit I wouldn’t call that much of a man 🙄 when she goes to pick up her shit lock your doors call the cops simple then get a restraining order 💯

— @cheetahgurl420 that sounds easy I wanted to instead help her I got her job open houses an application for ID hair dye and scissors to fix her hair I got her spray on deodorant and odor bladters to wash her clothes I was even thinking to get her the nicotine patches to put at night so she doesn't have to wake up and smoke

— @verguinia, your not her mom your enabling her that’s not gonna motivate her now she will expect stuff all the time she’s supposed to be the mom smh 🤦🏽‍♀️

— Is she depressed? I would still give her an ultimatum like the others have said.

— @massgirl she thinks she is smarter then everyone better then everyone and is not depressed at all and people who go to mental help as phyco and doesn't believe in depression

— @verguinia ohhhh I seee

— @massgirl my head hurts thinking about all this

— Sound like your mom need a life coach 🤷🏻‍♀️

— @mazza8 yes I agree I wish there was a way to help her without her saying no to everything like there is so much I can do

— @verguinia, you can't pull a person if they ain't willing to pull. Honestly, your mother negative thought about life and herself is what bringing her down. She need to seek help. It's not your job to be her mother.

— @mazza8 yes I'm gonna just stop feeling like I can help and just see what happens there is so much I can do