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I am so livid I'm shaking rn. I'm no longer being the nice person!

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— Who you spanking today?

— My BD gonna get hit. Tried to be nice letting him see the kids. He takes them outside and tries to shove them in his work truck 🤬🤬🤬 and then recorded my sons meltdown as I was taking both kids inside.

— Do not let the kids with this man . I'm telling you !!!! I've been through it . You gotta wait till after court . Please . I dont wanna hear that he took them and wont give them back . This will hurt my heart for you all .

— Absolutely not. I said unless I go my kids are not going anywhere! I will deal with every meltdown. I have my parents on my side who are going to get me a really good lawyer to fight custody

— @mommy_of_monsters I'm happy that you have your parents with you for a support system . I feel for you . Just be strong and be mom and everything will work out the way you want . He cant have no access though as mean as it my feel .its not . It's to protect you and your children ... in time things will be the way you want and you wont have to worry . I'm here if you ever wanna talk or if you made to feel bad about a decision or what not . Just a inbox away .

— @jesssska thank you hun

— Idk why you would even talk to him again...ever I would get a restraining order pronto and tell them what happened he tried some bs he’s hasn’t earned the right to see those kids he’s not acting like a adult he does shit to hurt you and your kids before you know it he will be telling your kids lies 😭

— @mommy_of_monsters, ya and of course he will use that as a tool which is manipulation and I wouldn’t put it past him to have his family try some shit either 🤔 all you can do is keep your doors locked and just explain that there daddy don’t treat mommy nice and they can’t get hurt 😢

— @mommy_of_monsters dont tell them . Say daddy is working getting lots of money so we all can have nice things . Daddy working .always working .this worked to help my kids . It wasnt like omg ... big news . Divorce separation . Was just the normal thing . Daddys at work . Except now hes always at work .

— @jesssska I think its gonna be hard but it's easier because they're little and it's just another day, they don't really understand that daddy doesnt live here anymore

— Helps cause they are used to him going to work and not seeing them during those hours . It's only gonna be a little while before you dont have to worry . Get the court papers and start . The sooner the better . And it's better when apply first. Get the ball rolling . :)

— I gave you good advice and centers that will help you ASAP and your children ,he is a nut case “call the cops on him “so your supposed to chase him down while pregnant with 2 toddlers must be scary for them ,wishing u better days ahead

— I've called a few places and my parent said they arent going to leave me homeless and they are helping me to get a car and a job so I can leave this place. My dads best friend lives behind me and is aware of the situation.

— @mommy_of_monsters, that’s good you have your parent’s “those centers help place you in a job fast and even help with childcare assistance or deposits for a new place

— You need to get a temporary custody filed ASAP until y’all go threw the whole court process. My sister went threw this and she was without her kids for monthssss and she couldn’t do anything about it but wait until court was over. You need to protect yourself and those babies because he’s a sick asshole

— I'm getting that filed and a PFA asap. Hopefully even monday