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Moms I have a question: Recently every night my son who’s 14 months old has been waking up in the middle of the night and crawling on top of me and falling asleep laying directly on top of me (mind I’m 26 Weeks pregnant with my daughter as well) Is it normal? Has anyone else’s child done this?

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— My son would climb on me in order to get into my bed but never lay on top of me. He would take over my bed until me or the hubby gets up for work. I’m currently pregnant with twins so i need my space

— This kind of used to happen to me. My son would only fall asleep ON me, and he was around the same age of your son. He got out of the habit but he still needs to sleep super close to me and sometimes wont even let me face the other way. Anyways, my husband and I try to rearrange him whenever we can. I give him my hand or arm so he can cuddle with it lol but otherwise I try to tell him "no, this is mommy's space" even though he might not really understand it yet.