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Why do people smell so early so in the morning ??

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— What?

— It keeps autocorrecting in with Im lol

— I went to the grocery store once in the morning and omg someone’s b.o was so bad. Like damn they probably didn’t even use deodorant

— Seriously !!!!!

— Cause they probably didn't shower the night before and just went out like that or they work out in the morning.

— For one I can’t sleep unless I shower lol And nah this was an old man (not old but about 50-69 ) smelled like straight asss!!!!!! And when he went to sit next to me all his smell puffed out of him lol

— @mamaof2soon oh. So he shat himself

— @unicornsparklestiaras, 🤷🏾‍♀️ lol idek

— 🤣🤣 sweating in their sleep maybe or unwashed bed sheets 🤢