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Hey I’m 26 with two children #myfirstpost

Okay I’ll be real and explained why I joined, I didn’t know I could be looked up or anyone would actually see this post, I was informed someone I know has been stealing pics and I came to look and see what’s going on if any of mine were on there or anyone else I knew. I just typed until it let me post since it was required before I could look around on the app.

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— Ya right ! Prove it ! Selfie with today's date and ur username !

— I think she is friends with the accused and wants to know what’s up with him. I think she’s real. But I could be wrong.

— @whereswaldo, this is actually what brought me to look on here. I was messaged that he may have possibly stolen pics of my children as well. I do know the accused in real life.

— @luckyangel1993 well the only pics he stolen of kids was @babyfitz2019

— U ain’t gotta prove anything ! But Hello 👋🏼 Lol

— Thank you. I was just curious to look into what’s going on. I have multiple pics of my self and my children together as well as seperate.

— @luckyangel1993 Do NOT post any of you or your children. There's way to many people stealing pictures.

— The fact that it's come down to trying to force someone to prove who they are is fucking ridiculous, Not every person that joins is going to be a fake, 🤦🏼‍♀️ Such a crazy world we live in when men want to act like a woman.

— @mommyoffourmonsters, facts !! I think people jst need to worry about their own life and kids instead of harassing everyone on social media . It’s sad and a disgrace especially cuz these are grown ass woman acting like children .. !

— Exactly like wtf 😂 “prove your worth!” People are taking it too far

— @teresha_h It's not that serious, I get the whole men faking pregnancies and shit like that's crazy asf but you can't force someone to take a picture of themselves with a piece of fucking paper, That's ridiculous. Just block them or ignore them 🤷🏼‍♀️

— Welcome!!

— Welcome

— She is real yall

— 👀 👀

— I didn’t post any pics because I’m not sure if I was going to stay, I just made the account to look. I’m not even sure how I got pulled into the situatuon with him 😂

— They looked him up and seen you we're friends with him and then I was messaged cus your my friend.

— @csectionbattlescars, okay see I didn’t even know I could be looked up thorough here 😂

— @luckyangel1993, yep you can just gotta know how (but it’s FB I was talking bout)

— She’s real. She types properly Adam can’t spell or type for shit !

— She knows Adam they been friends since kids...

— @madness_returnz, not really friends, but I’ve known him that long.

— Nope, this Adam again

— I’m not Adam, but I do know him in real life...

— @cesareanwarriorx2 massage you 😂 You mean message.

— @unicornsparklestiaras, lmao oops

— Adam needs to get off this app

— @cesareanwarriorx2, well I can’t gurantee I can end it....

— @mamaxghoul, it’s not. Believe me I messaged my friend and she joined the app to check out what he said

— @luckyangel1993, you can at least see what you can do

— I dont believe it

— From what I’ve seen, it looks like he fakes the girls he has crushes on...

— Cus this crap is creepy

— @raisingmylittles awh that's awesome 👍 how long have yall been together?

— @jakjakattack 2 weeks (known him for 15 years and messed around b4 just made it official tho)

— @wild_1, cool!!

— Crazy bitches

— @mazza8 🙌

— @luckyangel1993, fuck her dude she thinks I’m lying about my health when it’s all over my Facebook too 😏

— @raisingmylittles bahaha still waiting on those cops

— Bye Felicia


— @cesareanwarriorx2 😈😈😈

— @mamaxghoul, Go choke on a dick

— Uhmmm guys....

— Sorry there are some cock sucking bitches on here who don’t know how to mind their own damn business who think they know everything I apologize for everyone of them

— @cesareanwarriorx2, she g out mad and left and I guess blocked me real quick after I posted to.

— @luckyangel1993, because she know she wrong to harass

— Holy shit. And I thought I had anger issues.

— @cesareanwarriorx2, if you’re done with it— stop inserting yourself. ✌️

— @outnumbered how D FUK did I insert myself?! She came at me ...!

— @raisingmylittles i thought you were done the other day when you said so on my post? Yet here you are again in the drama lmao

— Why don't everyone just shut the fuck up?

— I keep hearing Cher do you believe in love after love....while reading the comments 🤣🤣🤣

— @mazza8 mine is that song. Why can't we be friends by war

— @unicornsparklestiaras 🤣🤣🤣🤣....make reading so much better

— Well we all know for fact I’m not Adam now. 😂

— Kayla u know adam

— @ayyy-taytay, she said I’m another Adam account.

— @luckyangel1993 but I dont understand how u even tot brought up because noone mentioned a rebecca

— That's what I'm thinking!! Lol

— @supermomof4

— Adam has a problem 🤦🏻‍♀️

— I’m not Adam, I posted pics proving I’m real.

— She knows Adam hun

— @raisingmylittles, okay Cause t last person who said something like that. Was saying I was him again.

— @cesareanwarriorx2, ok so let me see if I got this straight. Adam is faking accounts I get that. So this is your friend and she is friends with him?@luckyangel1993,

— @supermomof4, I came to make sure it wasn’t my kids he was posting, but also because I wanted to see what exactly he was doing on a mom page when he’s a virgin... no possibly way of kids.

— @luckyangel1993, DAMN! 😂

— @luckyangel1993, omg that makes it worse 🤣🤣🤣

— @baby_momma2

— @shannae3,

— Your kayla's friend from social mom.rebecca miller

— @evildrporkchop. Girl u know itm

— @evildrporkchop., I had no idea he was talking pictures or making fake accounts... I was begenning to question if his “preference” might be more of a fetish though...

— @ayyy-taytay, no I never assumed that, I was just told he was doing this and they COULD be mine since he had access to my page.

— I don’t understand why you would think he was using your images and stuff since all of his victims are pregnant woc. His target is a woc so a white woman is very unlikely going to be one of his victims.

— I said that, but I do have mixed children, I also never said I knew for sure, I was contacted by someone that he was stealing pics of kids saying they were his. I wasn’t told anything else.

— @luckyangel1993, I see. But i don’t think there’s any fear for the children. It’s a pregnant woc issue. I don’t think it has anything to do with the kids.

— @luckyangel1993, all I know is what I was told.

— This is all too crazy

— This is Adam

— Let me also rephrase I’m not close with Adam, I wouldn’t really call him a friend other then on Facebook, I just know him because I used to live by him.

— This is why Rebecca got brought into it

— I also didn’t find pics of my kids on any of the pages either... I didn’t find much of any pics.

— That's a relief 👍 🙌 glad he didn't steal any other photos. I contacted his mom. Maybe she can help him see sense

— @jakjakattack, I hope she gets that because I agree she needs help. I hope she’s not one to hide him and think he’s fine... there was an issue with him kissing the young neighbor boy and when the parents took it to Adams parents they asked what was wrong with him showing love to his friend. They’re big “Christians”

— Get your screenshots now, he may delete!

— I’m feeling like he’ll do this again...

— Wth

— Smh..🤦🏼‍♀️ I'm glad my craps on private and I don't accept just anyone

— If this doesn’t teach someone the importance of that, idk what will.

— wow this dude is to much!

— I believe you now

— Anyone down to a group message if he won’t admit?

— Sure I guess

— Damn he just squealed on himself

— Gonna try to talk him into getting professional help and stopping this!!

— Wow 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

— @supermomof4, I wonder how that works out when he doesn’t sound like a girl..

— @luckyangel1993, that’s what I was wondering