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Blah I have to call about getting lesters car looked at before he gets home next month it’s like that don’t take me seriously I got the car looked at back in April or may and everything got fixed but the problem

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— Have a guy go with you like a brother or your dad.. All these car places think they can take advantage of females, bc they think oh they dont know what the problem could be...

— Maybe it’s time to find another shop. A mechanic you can trust is worth a lot. I usually mention that my dad used to be a mechanic but he lives out of state so unfortunately can’t look at my car but he’s been asking for the full report of what’s being done. I usually get a much more thorough run down that way without feeling like I’m a nuisance. Then with that list I do double check with my out of state dad (not a mechanic but very knowledgeable car guy), husband, or google