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Anyone have kids after leep ? They said I'm prone to miscarry in the future humm :/

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— Both my boys and my angel are post LEEP. My miscarriage was before I had both boys. Made delivery harder because of scar tissue, but once they realized that, after my first took 3.5 days of active labor with no dilation before they put in a balloon, I was induced with my 2nd and the balloon was put in right away

— What's a balloon?

— @verguinia, it’s like the end of a urinary catheter. They put a latex tube with an inflatable balloon at one end into your cervix and inflate the balloon in your cervix to help stretch and push the cervix open. Helps you get to about 4cm then your body takes over

— @lizibear84 oh ok wow

— I had a leep procedure and am currently pregnant with my first

— That's good news !!!!

— I had two kids after leep. One came 1 week late and the other came a few days early. Both perfectly normal pregnancies.

— I So much better knowing that it's still possible to have kids after

— I did but both babies are IVF. Made this last pregnancy hard and had to be induce for both. This last one I wasnt opening cuz of scar tissue.

— Omg what's IVF

— @verguinia its vitro fertilization. Where they take my eggs and husband sperm and put them in a dish to be fertilized. And u get to transfer an embryo/s that made it to day 5 and freeze the rest.

— @supergurl_82 oh ok these day thier are so many options to help!!!