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Hair falling out! Has anyone taken biotin for their hair? My hair dresser recommended it but I haven’t picked it up yet. My hair is falling out like crazy. And anyone who’s seen pics of me know I don’t have a lot of hair to spare. Anyone try it or is there anything else I can try?

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— I take the natures bounty hair skin and nails gummies as well as collagen.

— Great thanks!

— @ss3mom, it’s helped me so so much taking these two together. Also prenatals. 😂😂

— Biotin works wonders for most people. There are a select few (like me) that it doesn’t work on. It didn’t make my hair worse. It just didn’t grow. But my nails were awesome!

— @spookylyn, what’s that? Never heard of it

— @ss3mom, you hang your head upside down off a couch or bed or whatever and massage your scalp for 4 minutes once or twice a day for seven days. But only do it once a month. It brings blood flow to the scalp and encourages hair growth. But too often and it gets used to the blood flow and resumes normal production n

— @spookylyn, interesting thanks

— I take biotin. I haven't seen a huge difference. If you haven't then rule out medical issues like your thyroid! Massaging castor oil on your scalp is supposed to help, at least that's what I read at one point.

— Well my thyroid was within normal the last time but a little low. They don’t wanna do anything for it though. But it’s gotten way worse in the last few months so maybe I need to get it checked again. I honestly didn’t even think of that thanks

— I might have to try this. My hair used to be so thick and now I feel bald. 😫

— I may be bald if this continues

— Start taking hair skin and nails it has Biotene I have noticed such a tremendous difference from taking them

— My MIL but it's not helping. Her hair is so thin and falling out.

— @mommiesgoneabitmad, not really. I take hot showers and do blow dry it. But I’ve done that forever. I’m on meds for sleeping and yes I guess I’m a little stressed but nothing more then usual

— @ss3mom, weird! Enough water?? Definitely try the hair skin and nails I promise you if you take daily you will notice a significant difference in the next couple months

— @mommiesgoneabitmad, omg I drink a ton of water a day. Like a lot. I always have my 36oz water bottle with me at all time. I’m def going to try it seems like most have had good experiences with it. Thanks again

— I feel like they do little and empty your wallet. That stuff can add up.

— Yes I take biotin and it has helped my hair it has grown and it’s thicker doesn’t fall out much anymore..

— Thanks

— @ss3mom, you’re welcome

— @loving_the_mommy_life, my hair is half my waste now

— Hair skin and nails is what I use. My hair is finally growing out since I've started using it. I didn't see that much of a difference untill about a month after I started though. Hasn't helped my skin but that's more cuz of my bc.

— Remember biotin does promote hair growth so it’s gonna stimulate your whole body not just your head. A lot of people don’t know that.

— Ugh I didn’t even think about that hahah!

— @ss3mom, a lot of people don’t aha

— You can try the treatments with Monoxidil in them. It’s the only thing FDA approved for hair loss.

— Oh good to know thanks. I’ll look that up