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Let’s start with this......
How/what would you do if your boyfriend/husband was cheating on you?? Would you forgive him?? Take him back? Castrate him??

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— Well he already did once. I forgave him 2nd time That's a nope. I wouldn't forgive him and I'd just leave 🤷.

— @nerdymommyplus2 are there trust issues though? I can forgive, but the relationship would still be over. I'll forgive so I could move on, not to save the marriage.

— @vanillaicecream I don't forgive to save the marriage We weren't even married at the time actually. But yeah there were trust issues at first but as time went on he earned it back

— @nerdymommyplus2 I'm saying marriage for me, not you. I understand what you're saying though.

— He would be castrated the first time. That’s something I don’t deal with.

— Castrate him lol. I'd probably do something to him because id probably snap. For real I'd have to go. I wouldn't be able to forgive that. If I tried their would just be a lot of trust issues and it would drive us apart anyway. We would have to separate and no I wouldn't be going back.

— I went through this once with my ex husband and I seriously considered taking him back. I refuse to go through it would be grounds for divorce immediately

— Why is there not a "Just leave his ass" option 😂

— All or nothing lol

— What kinda cheat like sexual cheat or talking cheat lol

— I don't tolerate disrespect, so he'd have to go. I've never stayed with a guy that has cheated or disrespected me in any manner. I believe that second chances could result in habits forming. I know I would never fully trust him again, and I don't need that headache. I like to be happy and to have a good time, so I make sure to eliminate things and people that prevents that. There's no amount of love that'll make me stay with my husband if he cheated. I believe in taking vows seriously, which is why I wrote my own. I didn't vow to do anything I knew I wouldn't do. Stuff like this is why I took my time and didn't marry the first man to propose marriage to me, and the first man to say he wanted kids with me, I didn't have kids with.

— I’d have to end it , i will not put up with infidelity

— I vote for castrating!

— Did he get drunk and make a stupid mistake? Maybe. Did he actively seek out people and participate in an affair, both physical and/or emotional? Nope. Never.

— @vanillaicecream, for the most part I believe that’s true. But I’ve also done some stupid stuff while drunk. Things I wouldn’t normally do sober. So a one time drunken indiscretion I might be able to forgive. But my husband doesn’t drink so that’s not something I need to worry about.

— @spookylyn hypothetically speaking, would you be able to trust him while drunk after you've forgiven him the first time?

— @vanillaicecream, nope.

— I’m done!! cheating to me is having not only having sex with someone else even if its head I’m done kissing touching it’s all cheating and I’m done.

— He’d have to go . If he’s going to cheat once he’ll do it again 💁🏼‍♀️