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Hey so me and son's future step just got in to it because he says man dosen't suppose to talk to his woman or be with her 24/7 he says a man man needs time to their on the game I don't think he's in a relationship with me I think he's in the relationship with his game and I'm about to make him choose its either me or the game

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— What is game exactly?

— At least it’s a game and not going out or alcohol or drugs or gambling. Not justifying his games, just for us women -men could be doing a lot worse

— He plays his game 2k 19 and doesn't talk to me at all on the phone or nothing it's like I have to get him to choose what he wants

— I’m just trying to understand your post. He said a man doesn’t have to talk to or be with his spouse/partner 24/7? I agree with that. I think it’s healthy to have time for just you.

— I agree with this. But I also think it’s weird she referred to him has her sons future step instead of her fiancé. That’s a red flag for how she feels.

— @spookylyn, that is a really good point.

— We're engaged