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Anyone got a baby that has or had a tongue tie? If so what happened with it?

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— yeah my son was tongue tied still is he’s now 4 I so wish I’d of got it cut when he was younger as were in the process of waiting for his appointment to come through for it to be cut. I got told at time of birth that if he didn’t have a problem feeding they wouldn’t do anything to it x

— @emmabump13, my little boys tongue tie is pretty much at the tip of his tongue x

— @jessicaxx, The only problems she had with feeding was due to all the mucus she had on her chest from her fast birth. They women never checked her mouth when doing her check and i dont think the midwife checked either when doing the second check but i was in the shower when she done that my hubby was with her.x

— @emmabump13, yes my son did too when he was born, he had lots of mucus as well. Oh okay my midwife checked my sons that’s why I asked hun, defo mention it tomorrow! Let us know what they say x

— My youngest is tongue tied, wont do anything for him until he has a problem with feeding or speech. Both my gp and my hospital have told me this. When ive asked for it to be done while hes young as theres no anaesthetic when there young its so annoying!! What makes u think your lil one does? Xx

— I cant take a photo to show you just now as she is sleeping but you can see the web bit on her tongue is very short.x

— Both my boys are tied , I am awaiting a referral to get it cut. If it’s your newborn with it then you can go to the breastfeeding cafe in your area or gp and they’ll snip it xx

— My almost 6 year old has lipe tie. I never knew until the dentist pointed it out when she was 2. It makes sense as she had problems latching to breast. Had a massive gap between her teeth. They told me to wait until her top baby teeth come out. If the adult teeth have a gap they will then cut it. Her 2 top teeth are out and the adult teeth are coming in so just got to wait. Not looking forward to it at all xx

— I asked at the hospital today but she couldn’t see it as baby was sleeping. Ive to ask the midwife on our ten day visit to check it out x