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Hey all, so I have a question, I know yall arent drs but any kind of insight would be nice as my primary dr is closed today. I'm having a lot of cramping that completely debilitating and burning along with the cramps, and loads of lower back pain. I'm not near my period or ovulation at all and I've never felt this pain with either of those or with kidney stones. My dumbass tried to google it and it only came up with endometriosis and ovarian cancer. Can yall give me your thoughts and ideas of what I should do. It's not gas or poop pains either.

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— Does it burn when you urinate? If so it could be a UTI.

— No ma'am

— @lastgalalive, If it gets too severe I would go get checked out at the urgent care if possible.

— @scream.queen that's what I'm thinking I'm gonna do, hopefully itll just get better and it's one of those moments where your body just says fuck you for a while and then it's all better

— Kidney infection?

— I hope not lol, I'm definetly gonna hit up urgent care if this gets worse tho

— @lastgalalive, yeah I would.

— This was my thought too. Anytime I get a UTI or bladder infection it moves to my kidneys so so fast. The back pain is my first hint.

— @bodybycheetos @penelope127 I'll keep an eye on it, thank you.