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My face is full of acne, one nipple itches like crazy and my gas smells like death and its only week 14😩

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— Aww yes the joys of pregnancy lol

— This is new to me. My first 2 I forgot I was pregnant half the time. This one i wanna throw up and eat at the same time lol

— @proverbs3woman1, my first was the best didn’t even feel like I was pregnant but then again I was 17. My 2nd was harder and so on and so on. By my last I was miserable from day one

— Awe you will get through this and at the end is a baby

— I know. I know. I went a couple days symptom free so I thought it was over... Nope!

— Lol I was like that too. I was like where is the friggin glow!!??

— My last baby i didnt get a glow until it was time to come out lol