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Even though I want my baby girl out now😩 I want her to make it to her due date after today it’ll be 8 more days.. I want her to fully bake as much as she can!🌺 I need to make it to exactly 40 weeks! I was going to take a walk to the store it’s about a 10 minute walk & no one to take me but illll waittt I have a feeling a lot of walking might cause me to go in Labour faster.

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— If walking at this point puts you into labour, she’s ready. Due dates are an estimate. While you’re technically not full term until tomorrow, your so close. If any natural forms of induction (sex walking etc) work, she’s ready.

— That’s how I went into labor with my first pregnancy went to the mall I felt like I did too much walking lol I was 38 weeks at the time. & I get contractions here & there but their not close or strong enough yet but I’m just trying to take it easy until due date even though it’s estimated just will feel better knowing she will bake it until then, if she comes early it’ll still be fine but I want her to naturally just come when she’s ready.