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My homeboys baby passed away last night only one day old. It’s so sad & now I’m a little terrified. He called me asking if I need anything for the baby because he wants to get rid of everything but I’m going to wait until my baby is born first. I just feel weird about it

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— Ohhh my, how terrible. Sending prayers to them 🙏

— My worse fear! Nobody should ever have to go through that! prayers for him ❤️❤️

— Oh no how sad 😢🙏🏼 I remember with my very first pregnancy I miscarried and I already had stuff bought I went the same day to return everything o bought 😭 I wished I would’ve kept it but my heart was broken and wanted everything gone Maybe tell him he should hold on to the stuff a little longer

— Oh no so sad. Prayers to your friend.

— 🙏

— That would be so tough to go through. =\. But maybe you could take something off their hands before your baby is born just as a way they can purge their stuff and heal? I’m the kind of person who would need to get rid of everything immediately if something devastating like that happened... don’t feel weird though, unless you think they’re going to come to you after your little one is born and they’re going to try filling their void with your little one or something.