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Every time I hear the girl say "YOU make good choices" in that commercial my jaw drops and my heart races because that would never fly in my family lmao I don't even talk like that to kids

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— What commercial? Why not tell your child they are making good choices? I think it’s a good thing when a child makes a good choice

— @ss3mom the commercial is kind of funny but surprising, it makes me nervous every single time. The first time I saw it I was with my mom and my jaw dropped as I was looking at her reaction which was "what's new" lol

— @ss3mom yeah society has changed and people are being held accountable more so now which is good. In this day giving my daughter a pow pow is considered abuse. Even tho it's a light tap that she laughs through and does to herself when I tell her she's doing something wrong

— @dankerson, yep it has and it has to evolve. It’s great that it has. Now I don’t hit my kids but I’ve been hit a few times, mainly as a teenager haha, but I def deserved it!! I was being out of line. Today every has to pussy foot around everything!