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So this is TMI, but we're all women

So this is TMI, but we're all women here, moms & mommy to be

For like a week or so now ive been experiencing pain/pressure in the right side of my vagina (labia part). I can still walk & do my normal things for a little. But then it starts hurting, it feels like if im getting pinch or like my pubes are getting pulled(trying to describe it lol) i have a dr appt on Friday & imma ask her till then, but i want to know if any of you have experience anything like it.

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— It's sciatic nerve

— It much can be done about it :(

— Like when im laying down im find, but when i get up & do things it hurts

— It could also be lightning crotch

— @ruizmagda93 read this mama ☺️

— I dont think its that. Im am 3 months away from my due date & i feel the pain like in that part i circle in the picture attached. Its feels like pinches & the sharp pain

— I had the same pain with baby 2 and 3. It’s baby pressure. When we have kids back to back our pelvic floor muscle get weak and our bodies are a lot more sensitive. Stretching may help alleviate some pressure and pain but nothing can help too much unfortunately

— Another way to describe the pain is like when you have multiple rounds of sex & when the next day your vjj hurts & on the side too.

— Yup. I had this everyday when the babies started growing bigger mid 2nd trimester and it gets worse as the baby got bigger. Sitting with my legs in a butterfly position helped me a little after a long day of walking

— Yes. I about to be in my third trimester already. & the pain start towards the end of my 24week