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First time ever leaving my 6 month old to cry it out in his pack n play and it's only cause I'm at my wits end today.. the last 2 weeks every morning he has cried from 7:30 am until his nap time at 11:30am. There has been absolutely nothing I can do for him. I feed and change him as soon as he wakes up. He doesnt want to be held or put down. He doesn't want be near him yet he doesnt want me to leave his side. Idk what the heck is going on with him but I have officially been driven crazy. I feel so bad and I'm in tears hearing him just cry and cry but my God I want to pull my hair out this morning. I seriously need a break lol I don't think I've left the house or been without kids since I've had them lol I get a 10 min shower sometimes and that's it πŸ˜‚ I wish my husband's aunt would take BOTH our boys for a night for once instead of just taking one lol not really a "break" as she claims when shes taking the easy one only lol

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β€” My 9 month old is acting like that lately and it is terrible but maybe the teeth are coming in try orajel and some tylenol see it that helps that is what im trying and so far it kind of helps

β€” Both his teeth broke in already but I wonder if hes just getting more? He did super good with teething he just drooled alot not really fussy about it thankfully lol.

β€” @witchymama yea mine has his two bottom and did GREEEAT BUT now the drooling tugging on his ear etc i been giving him orajel and tylenol so maybe try it see if it soothes him bc i let mine cry in his bed sometimes even i have to hold him tight and wrap him swaddled n force rock him because he fights his sleep too sometimes from the teething

β€” My 1.5 has been doing this lately I just ignored him and let him be obviously he can walk so if he comes to me I’ll hold him or whatever he wants but I go near him he just throws a fit like wtf😩

β€” Kids are so hard sometimes lol like my 6 month has been such a easy baby from day one lol his schedule is super off right now too. Hes always been bathed and fed but 7:30 and asleep by 8pm no later. Now its 9:30 if my lucky and 10pm not sure if its teething or if the atmosphere is off because of our roommates

β€” Why is his nap time so late? At 6 months old his awake time is 2 hours. So if he’s up at 7:30 his nap should be at 9:30. Have you tried putting him to sleep then? By 11:30 he’s overtired.

β€” He used to wake up at 7:30 eat get changed and play for a little then go back to sleep at 10 for another 30 min. That's how hes been since a newborn. That was the schedule from our hospital stay and I stuck with it since he was already used to it