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So pregnant people can judge u on drinking a soda here n there while being pregnant but smoke a damn cigarette there whole pregnancy.... yea... like my 1 soda once in a while gonna do more damage then ur cigarette everyday lol... plus my doc said u can have caffeine up to 12oz a day

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— Who the hell is smoking while pregnant? I wouldn't even pay them any mind with their words coming out cover in cigarette toxins.

— Theres so many mom out here I see especially where I live smoking near there newborns n while pregnant n do weed like wtf

— Omg, people are dumb. I used to have soda while pregnant cuz it’s all I could drink. My brother was trying to help me feel better when he was here got me my fav soda and I was able to keep it down. And I had tried everything else before that. Not saying it’s the best but better then nothing. Was not my entire pregnancy only when I could not drink anything else witch was always last option but I was abe to keep other things down few weeks later and stoped the soda to once in a while. Witch my doc was ok with cuz I had bad morning sickness even with the meds

— Those are people who have nothing better to do then try and tell people how to live there life because they have no life. So f***ed up how mother's can just do that and not think twice. I was a smoker, but as soon as I found out I was pregnant I quit to give my baby it's best chance

— @autism.mommy @stacybear1991 exactly like how can u judge if ur doing dumb shit

— Exactly, smoking 🚬 way worse then soda 🥤. 🤦🏻‍♀️