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I’m going to start calling my son Tarzan 😩. He screams just like him because he can’t talk . I wish my lil boy could speak words . You ladies that have talkative kids are very blessed❤️.

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— You also are blessed.

— Yes I know I just always see a lot of women complaining that their kids talk too much . I wish my son could talk .

— @momofboth I understand. He will talk when he ready. 😀

— My 3 year old doesnt talk much either

— It sucks . I never know what he wants 😩.

— @momofboth I feel ya. I just pick mine up and have her grab it herself or open the fridge and let her show me.

— My nephew wouldn’t talk for the longest time so they began to teach him sign language to try to be able to communicate & it helped him tremendously! Idk if that would be something that would work for you & your son, but figured I should suggest it❤️ have patience mama, he will talk & I bet when he does, he will talk the MOST🙌🏽🥰 i understand the frustration though cause i seen what they’ve gone through w/ him & how hard it was. But he’s now 5 1/2 & is talking SO GOOD!

— He doesn’t get how to sign . Maybe one day tho . We are already in the process of teaching him .

— @momofboth, aww I’m sure it may take some time. It took my nephew a bit to learn it too. He will get it mama❤️

— @goodvibetribe, thank you ❤️

— My son is slow with his speech. He basically says things at his own pace. He said baby for the first time a few weeks ago, and I about cried because it sounded beautiful. He can say again, help, done, no, yeah, hi, Noah (his name) and baby, aside from wow, ow. But he talks in sounds really, and signs. I just wish he'd say more words. I'm going to do early intervention when he's 3 , because it's free in our school district and go from's definitely hard to understand him at times....

—, no I’m not getting on to you for it . I’m just saying .

— @momofboth oh I just didn't want to come off as disrespectful. I sometimes wonder if my son is on the spectrum, but I haven't had him tested yet. However I have a lot of respect for strong mommy's like you

—, aww thanks I’m trying so hard . I hope he gets to talk one day .

— My son is on the spectrum so I totally feel your pain. I cried like a baby when he hummed itsy bitsy spider. It was bitter sweet because he can hum it but sad because he can’t talk. Only signs for the most part.

— @momofboth, and he does it random moments during the day and it’s Loud 🤣

— @momofboth, 😂😂 omg same mine starts bright and early at 6:30 grunting and banging in the door 😩

— @keeks89, I don’t get up because I don’t want him getting used to getting up at that time . Now 6am or 6:30 I might put up with 😂