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What do we think of Maura on love island? I personally think shes hilarious she just does not care 🤣 x

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— I do too! I do feel a bit bad for Molly Mae but it’s like it’s fine for her to chat to other guys but not for him to talk to other girls? Double standards! Xx

— @mummymir yeah exactly! I thought Tommy was so annoying to begin with but I’m actually liking him more! I wonder who he’ll go for!?! Xx

— @genieh I think he'll stay with molly after tonight's ep, Maura is a bit full on 🤣 xx

— @mummymir I actually hope so, yesterday I was team Maura now I’m not sure! Xx

— Can’t stand her 🤣 she’s using sexuality as a way to get Tommy. Personally think she’s alright for a bit of fun but not the girl you bring home to mum x

— Definitely, because she is so full on, and over the top it shocks me 🤣 x

— She’s too full on! I’m all for believing Molly Mae doesn’t like it cause she’s threatened but there’s a way of conducting yourself - and being as sexual and forward as Maura is just isn’t the way xx

— Yes, you're right! I do wonder what her family think when they're watching too!xx

— I agree with @gem_1618 she's vile.. The things she says actually makes me cringe.. Sorry but say things like that and any guy is obviously going to be like yassss! I believe it's all an act though to get what she wants and to push Molly May out the picture. You definitely wouldn't bring her home to mum though - way to trashy

— Yes I think so too, just shocking how she doesn't care 🤣 xx

— @mummymir, I think Tommy will pick Molly. He cant figure out his own mind around Maura because she’s so full on. At the same time tho i dont like Molly because of her reaction to it all. All the girls were way to over the top the boys were only on dates that they hadn’t even picked. I’m routing for Anton and Elma 😊

— I think it's so funny how intense they all are when they've literally just met 🤣 I dont like anton 😫🤦‍♀️ xx