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I know I’m only 11weeks tomorrow but I’m so anxious to start buying baby items! How far along are you when you started buying things?

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— With my daughter I was 27 weeks and this time around I haven’t purchased anything.

— I’m so anxious to start buying things & I will know the gender in 2 weeks which is just going to make me want to start buying things more😭💗

— @hairchick_2016, I waited a long time because we had a couple losses before each pregnancy. I’m always scared to buy things. Now I’m in panic mode because baby might be here earlier than expected.

— I was like 6 or 7 weeks with my first i was excited to buy bought a little package of diapers some baby wash and I think a onesie that was just a neutral color.

— I’m waiting till I find out the gender then ima buy stuff. I’m excited . I like baby shopping. 😁

— I found out the gender at 12 weeks and bought a few things