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33 weeks pregnant and I’m feeling so exhausted at work !!! I am a server. And it get super busy. And my back kills me towards the end of every shift. During my shifts I feel like I can’t walk anymore. My waist hurts a tun.
I didn’t want to stop working this early but do you guys think I should tell my Doctor how I’m feeling regarding my job ?????

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— What is your doctor going to do about your job? Unless your looking for them to send you on medical leave which they won’t do unless it’s warranted. Everything your saying sadly is normal for moms who work on their feet ❤️

— I would listen to ur body, I’ve been a server through all my pregnancy and I always stop around 34 weeks, just to hard to be on ur feet for so long.

— Yes, and I try too hustle like I always do when it’s busy but I can’t. So I’m not as much of help at my job anymore..... I feel useless. So what’s the point of just being around in pain ........ feeling the pressure I feel in my tummy. And my stomach hard the majority of the time

— Yes listen to your body

— Thank you

— Have u tryed using a bellybAnd