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Hi girls just a question my little guy has his daddies stic…

Hi girls just a question my little guy has his daddies sticking out ears ! I personally love them but that's part of being a mum ! It my OH family all have them and have had there all pinned back apart from my OH because his mum said you have to wait for them to be old enough to make a choice if they want them done or not ? Has anyone had experience with this ? Everyone always session ohh you got some big ears on you makes me mad and think about about bullying at school when it's time just asking 😊 thanks 😊


— @ezchaz aww bless him ! And thanks ! And really I didn't know that I will have a look ! Thanks 😊 xx

— @cheryl123 thank you ! Haha I just know how cruel kids can be and worry a bit but I love them but some people cant help but mention them 👊 I'm glad you had no problems ! X

— From your photo I think he looks super cute. I had stocking our ears when I was younger my papa would call me his little dumbo. I did get a bit paranoid when I was going to high school but I’m all honesty I grew into them. My daughter has inherited my ears too 😂😂 I honestly think your son is gorgeous. X