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RAVE!!! Ok so I have a mild form of OCD and I'm very parti…


Ok so I have a mild form of OCD and I'm very particular about how things should be because of it. My hubs knows this, and did the sweetest thing this morning.

I finally managed to get my life together and packed our hospital bags, as well as baby girls. I'm 38 weeks so I figured I should get my sh*t together before I mess around and have nothing when I go into labor lol. Well after getting his stuff packed, the babies stuff packed, and trying to pack my stuff...I realize that I need to wash. 😩FML. And not only do I have to wash, but I still have to wash and disinfect the carseat and bases. (They've been on our storage shelf in the garage and in my mind bugs and dust are all over them so they need a thorough wash and sanitation lol.)

***Sidenote: My hubs gave me his stuff to put in the luggage we're sharing. I only pack it so the stuff can actually fit lol***

Anyways...by the time I realized all that, I was too tired to do it. So instead I just sat all that I needed washed on top of the washer and went to bed with the knowledge that I'd finish up after work today. Well this morning after I got dressed for work, he came in the room with a shit ton of stuff folded. 😲 I was like what's that? To my suprise and delight this man had gotten up early washed all my clothes I needed washed, including the car seat cover (what baby sits on), installed the bases for her carseat in both vehicles, and even disinfected them (OCD remember?) like he knew I would. 😢😍

I was so surprised and touched. When I asked him why he did it he told me that he knows I'm tired and uncomfortable, but wanted to get that stuff done so he just did it my way for me. I was like u didn't have to do it "my way" anyway would have worked...and he told me "I know but your way makes you happy and comfortable, and it wasn't that much extra work. Now you can just rest when you come home and I'll take Bubba (our 3yo son) to the park." 😢😢😢😍😍😍

Damn I love that man!!!! #BlessedWife


— @cams oh he did. The manual is still next to the seat lol

— That’s great that he helped you! I just hope he followed the car seat manufacturers cleaning instructions. They’re very particular. Don’t want to disturb the special chemicals they have on there: fire retardants etc. 😊

— @njgriffin he really is. And I needed that simple help bc currently my baby girl is giving me the blues

— Awh he’s so sweet to you! ❤️