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Okay so I have somethings going on that is really weighing …

Okay so I have somethings going on that is really weighing on me. Is there anyone on here that is either a pediatrician or works with delayed children?? Also if you have children who were delayed on certain developements could you please message me. I just really need some advice on a personal matter. Thank you in advanced!


— @geekymomma13, thank you, we will for sure continue to work with him.

— I'd continue to to what your doing, he'll get the hang of it. It could be that he's just being stubborn and doesn't want to. I know my daughter knows more words but she refuses to try to say them. Once in awhile she will but it's pretty rare

— @geekymomma13, he loves his walker and he loves tummy time. Which I use those times to work on other issues too. Like he has acid reflux and a bad gag reflex when it comes to table food like eggs.

— Im no Dr but my daughter at that age could but wasn't very good if she reached for anything 70 percent of the time she would fall over. She hated tummy time and I actually only did it a few times. So I did what I could to help her but also I interested her- I got her a walker at 6 months and she couldn't touch the ground at that time but she loved it. Once her toes could touch she was off and running. I even made it so she could use it on the carpeted areas! She started to crawled close to ten months. And only did so for a short while bc she was soon walking.
Find what physical activities he seems to like more than others and work on those. Maybe others will follows

— @geekymomma13, my 9 month(almost 10 month) is trying to babble more but it’s the physical activities that he lacks in. Like for instance he won’t sit up on his own without support. No matter how much we work with him for the past few months he just won’t do it.

— My daughter is 18 months. And is a little behind on her speech. She babbles alot says a few words and understands even more. Dr and I both think it's because shes so active- she won't sit still long enough to teach her anything. Her Dr says to keep trying and at her next appt they'll do some testing if it hasn't improved much.
I was concerned and really worried but every kid does things at their own pace, it doesn't necessarily mean anything is "wrong" with them. She just excells when it comes to physical activities and always has. I can do more to teach her but if she doesn't have any interest theres not much I can do but keep trying.