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Does anyone know what this is?? They're all over my back ya…

Does anyone know what this is?? They're all over my back yard..


— I'm going to Google it was right know.. Pp I live in southern California.. the red ones are not lady bugs there's also medium sized ones and those have red and white. I'm going to spray raid hopefully that kills them.

— I just googled 'American stink bugs' and some of the pics showed bugs that look like those.

— They are not ticks! Like 100% not ticks idk what they heck they are though

— Cute bugs?

— The darker ones are a stink bug hybrid. YES YOU READ RIGHT. Ever since those little s*** s popped up in the US they've bred with native stink bugs and you're looking at their creepy children.

— How big are they? June bugs are bigger than this. These just look like beetles. Nothing to be grossed out about, there is probably a nest in that crack or they are just getting warm on the concrete.

— I hate it

— Alien lady bugs!

— Those look absolutely nothing like bed bugs lol.

— Japenese beetle.

— I see lady bugs and stink bugs ?

— I would say a Black cabbage bug. Also mainly known as a shield bug.

— Some beetle

— They don't look like bed bugs, or June bugs, or ticks. But I have no idea what they are.

— My guess is either bed bugs June bugs or ticks