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Hcg levels Hey ladies just found out im pregnant. My hcg l…

Hcg levels

Hey ladies just found out im pregnant. My hcg levels yesterday were 46. We did an ultrasound and there is nothing. Did a hpt it says 2-3??? Is there really a baby or is my body screwed up???


— I was 60 at week 4 and freaked out. By week 9 was 240,000+ so numbers do crazy things. Now almost 23 weeks. Relax and enjoy Momma and congrats ✨?✨

— Mrs.Bowers I have a chart I'm going to post for you about hcg levels maybe it will give you some peace of mind.

— @emeraldeyes2424 if you don't see a fetal pole at 5 wks 5 days is it still early? Just a sac and gestational sac?

— U could be two weeks from implantation, but I'd imagine by Now be more than 46? I'd call the doc have them see if it doubles. You won't see anything in an ultrasound to early at nearly 6 wks is when I saw a sac, 4 wks saw nothing.

— Do you ladies think 46 is low for a 2-3week pregnancy test? Im sorry im just so worried and I have a follow up tomorrow for more blood work

— We don't see anything on ultrasound until the hcg is at least 1000. You have to be over 4 weeks to see a sac, and over 5 weeks to see a fetal pole (baby) so if your hpts are coming back positive and your blood work says positive I'd say you are, just really early. go back to check your blood work every other day (or what ever your dr wants) and the levels should double.

— I would've though it was a bit wary to see anything just yet on ultrasound... I would just get them check bloods again in a few days to make sure it's rising :)