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Girls when do you get your kitten neutered? And how much is it and microchipped as well forgot how much it is at vets for pets

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— Around 4-6 months old :) I'm not sure on price hun, might have to call your local vets :) Still yet to neuter my kittens xx

— I got my kitten done at around 7 months. And it cost me I think 20 pounds at pets at home and that was including the microchip I believe x

— Oh right well he's 5 months old so I'll do it when he turns 6 month Iol. How old were your kittens again? I get worried about him spraying everywhere lol xx

— @xjadeandlilymae18x Mine have just turned 4 months :) a previous cat wasnt neutered until over a year old...He never sprayed xx

— Oh really I'll see how he goes then cos he needs worming treatment next month so don't want to spend a fortune lol so may do it a month after or something xx

— @mum2sky what for the neutering and microchipping? X

— @xjadeandlilymae18x I believe so it wasn't expensive at all x

— Really wow that's good did you not get it at like a deal time? X

— Gonna get him his next lot of worm treatment and the neutering do you know how much the worming is as i got him off someone else x @mum2sky

— @xjadeandlilymae18x I don't know hunni my cat was an indoor cat so I didn't get her wormed. I think it's like 8 pounds in pets at home maybe have a look online? X

— My kitten was from someone local so she said he needs reworming again in a months time I've tried having a look doesnt tell you I'll figure it out it's fine :) x