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Has anyone ever went throw placenta abruption

Has anyone ever went throw placenta abruption


— @lovvechung, yeah that’s what I felt along with back pain. I never got any sleep because of it.

— @coffee_is_the_new_black I Don't Have Back pain which is good I guess but my right side of my stomach is Like really Pain to where I can't sleep on that side it hurts to breath like my stomach is sore my belly but it's only sore on my right side and i know that's the side of the placenta

— All I had out of those was back pain and I felt really sore/swollen down there. They told me if I had any back pain to go in.

— @lovvechung, yes a lot every time I got up. I could hardly walk sometimes. I felt so much pressure and back pain it was ridiculous.

— @lovvechung, yes definitely get checked. If you have any of these go in. It’s always best to be sure.

— @coffee_is_the_new_black Did you have pain?

— No it's best to know. I'll make sure to go up there Monday and make them check

— It’s unknown but risk factors are high blood pressure, loss of amniotic fluid or just an infection inside the uterus. Rupture of membranes. There’s many more reasons. She didn’t really inform me I had to do my own research. She practically just said it happens. But I’ve had complicated pregnancies. I hope I’m not scaring you. 🙁

— @coffee_is_the_new_black Now im worried...did they say what cause it.

— Many times a placental abruption goes un noticed. We didn’t know I had one until I gave birth. There was a chance if I didn’t give birth that he could have been born still born.

— @lovvechung, I didn’t even know I had one until I gave birth. I mean there were times he felt so heavy and the pain getting out of bed was bad. So at my l 35 week appointment I was 4cm and they told me if I had any pain even it wasn’t that bad to go in. So I went in and sure enough I gave birth the next day. He was a premie and my ob said my placenta looked old and that she’s glad I delivered when I did because we both could have both been in great danger. With a placental abruption it deprives the baby of oxygen. Do you think you have one? Also spotting could be an indication of you possibly having one. I didn’t really have any symptoms of having one.

— @coffee_is_the_new_black what's it like like how can you tell?

— I had a partial placental abruption.