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16 weeks and no movements really 🤔 is that ok

16 weeks and no movements really 🤔 is that ok


— Hopefully I’ll feel something soon 😫

— I didn’t feel my first flutter until 18 weeks and I was closer to 21 weeks when I felt actual kicks. Don’t worry!

— Felt my first kicks at 22 weeks last pregnancy.

— I didn't feel my babies till 20-23 weeks. All depends how your placenta is positioned

— Yeah I would think by now too.. everyone is different tho, my third I felt flutters at 10 weeks but my friend felt her third at 17 weeks bc her placenta was in the front so maybe that’s what’s happening

— @tymaddieandpaulie, it’s my third. That’s why I was asking because I was expecting something by now

— Is this ur first baby I’m assuming? If ur first then I’ve heard that between like 14-20 weeks... ur good 😉

— @_sheriee, ok because I heard people usually feel their first flutters by now

— Yes, still fairly early.