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I just told him "Oh and wanna know something? I have a gynecologist appointment friday. Wanna know something else? .. there might be 3" he next words prove to me why I'm doing what I'm doing. He said "I don't know how your gonna take care of 3 all by yourself. There better not be!" Yepppp

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— Speak ya mind!

— 😳😱 oh no he didn’t

— Oh he's going to regret those words 🙄🙄🙄🙄

— Yea he's still lying 😂

— Oh such a girl,when they making babies they don't think about responsibility for child's life He's better roll somewhere as far as possible, I don't see on it actions of real man Be strong mama, you got it !

— You got this girl! Be strong, don't let no man bring you down especially since you got those beautiful babies 2 or 3 you got this.. With or without him!! ❤️

— Omg, that's so rude. How can a man be like that. I'm so sorry your going thro this!

— I don’t get why he’s so fucking lazy?

— I’d tell him to chop his balls off so he doesn’t have any more. 🙄

— “I don’t know how you’ll be having sex all by yourself either 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️” ya bitch

— @lana30319 @nessairieray @momofboth @d0iinjusfiin3 @momboo @mommy_x3 @suzzie. @fasciamom @littleonemorning @queenmee he's gotten comfy with the way things have been the last 5 yrs... He never wanted children but we ended up with two.. I don't think he is gonna change his mind about leaving now. I think he will leave. And never come back.

— @twinmomma2b I'm so sorry this is happening to you. I'm hoping it all works out ok. I can only imagine how your feeling right now

— @twinmomma2b well then that should say alot. It's better that you did what you did now then later. There was no point on keeping him around if he wasn't going to help you.

— @twinmomma2b, Then you definitely don’t need him! If a man can just walk out on his babies then you don’t need him..

— Yeah if he leaves you and never comes back, good riddance! Im not a single mom and I don’t know how people do it. In fact I live with my in laws because I have PPD so bad I tried to commit suicide twice. But I know you’re strong. It’s YOUR house, stella get your life back! He doesn’t help you then you don’t need him anyway. We are all here to support you. You’ve been doing it all on your own anyway!

— I know it will be hard! But you be the best mom-dad you can be. Its his lost. Especially with the kids. You would think that over time a person decision about having kids would change. He is an adult and know that if you have unprotected, no using BC, your not fixed and he not fixed sexual relations what that would lead up too! I hope with time your heart will heal. And you will be able to forgive him and move on in life.