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Okay so I was having pregnancy symptoms and I even though t…

Okay so I was having pregnancy symptoms and I even though that I had implantation bleeding. But I took a test on Friday which was positive and I took one Saturday and today and they look faintly positive. But it's so faint that you can barely see it. So I'm almost convinced that it's not even there and my eyes are playing tricks on me. They're first response and I didn't think you could have false positives with them. I'm just really confused and kind of got my hopes up. Can anyone tell me what they think is going on? :(


— It's just confusing me because it's like why would I just have a positive Friday and not the rest of them after that? I've never had that happen before with the last pregnancy.

— These all look negative to me.

— I just see a line on Friday

— I think I'm blind as hell cause I don't see the line on fridays... I want to see it but i don't

— I thought I had implantation bleeding around the 1st for 3 days but haven't tested positive. I guess mine was just my period starting back

— I see the Friday one

— Wait I lied on the Friday picture I do

— I don't see another line 😕😕maybe it's just me

— @lifewithlynniejade88, it was the 10th-13th.

— How long ago did u have implantation bleeding?