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I'm looking to buy a waist trainer. There are so many brand…

I'm looking to buy a waist trainer. There are so many brands on the market tho! Do any of you use one and like it? I could use some recommendations!


— & me & my husband have been gym rats for years & working out with weights is the best way to form ur body

— it's not good to wear a waist trainer to exercise because ur back loses strength

— make sure it's a Colombian one, like there tire material & make sure it has 3 hook lines those are the best

— It's only like 21 bucks including the packet of gel

— @kemara I suggest the sweat belt first

— @queenmee I'm already doing the exercise and eating well, I just have some inches that insist on staying lol. I'm hoping this can be another tool to help

— You also need to exercise and eat right.it's a must to losing stubborn baby fat

— @kemara wearing the sweat belt..you can simply go for a 30 min walk and when you take it off..sweat pours out..like where tf did all that sweat come from lol

— @queenmee thank you!!! I will definitely check these out. I'm 3 months pp and can use all the help I can get losing this baby belly


— Cincher

— @kemara I've used many and these are my fave

— @kemara I use the sweet sweat waist trimmer..it helps rid water weight in you midsection and then I use the lover-beauty women's latex undercuts corset waist training cincher.. Both on Amazon aaannnddd the sweat belt comes with activating gel to help you sweat more. Look them up when you can...not pricey at all

— @queenmee is there a particular brand you use?

— I use two different kinds- one to make me sweat and one to cinch my waist