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Hi ladies, just wanted to know if anybody is pregnant now o…

Hi ladies, just wanted to know if anybody is pregnant now or was pregnant and wasn't exactly happy bout it.. I have a 4 years old and a 2 yr old and they r my world and I was excited bout thier pregnancy but this one not too much


— I strongly suggest finding a support system. Whether you find a group on here or fb, or you have a friend designated to talk to you when you get these bad feelings. It needs to be someone who you trust and who understands that you just need to talk it out to get through it. 🖤🖤🖤

— @meganwilkinson1223
How's ur pregnancy going? Are u excited? 1st child?

— @emileewells1153
Yes would definitely make it alot easier for me too. I seem to just get really down n sad when my kids don't listen to me. To know that they aren't listening and driving me nuts, just wondering how crazy and stressful things gna b when she gets here. Am I gna loose my mind, are my kids gna end up loving daddy more bc mommy is so mean now bc this pregnancy

— @wpalko06, definitely the situation I'm in. My mom was supposed to abort me, so I can't do that. I love my life. I can't hold him in me for 9 months then give him away, might as well keep him at that point. I know I'll be happy when he's here it's just, if I was more excited I know it would make this pregnancy a lot easier.

— @emileewells1153
That's kinda what I'm thinking too..just hope I get happy about it before she gets here. I had a genetic test done to make sure baby was ok and I was able to find out gender. It's a girl. Wanted a boy since I have 2 girls, so that also hit me hard, Definitely my last kid right here and i really wanted a son but I'm not gonna have one so that's another thing that's getting in the way of me being happy bout it. I Kno that sounds selfish but what can I say.. same thing here thot when I heard heart beat it would change, the first movement..gender.. but no not at all still. Im definitely keeping her cz I just can't come to gtn an abortion, and the thotS bout it make me mad at myself but the fact I didn't want another child makes that thot keep occuring:( can't do adoption just bc I just know I can't keep this baby in me and care enough to keep her healthy and bring her to term and just give her away, she's my daughter. I know I'll love her to pieces, it just me trying to get to that happy stage, it's hard.

— @wpalko06, honestly I wanted kids, but then again I didn't at all. My career is super busy and dangerous so I hated that I got pregnant but I was happy? Then I thought we'll once I hear baby's heart beating I'll love it more.... sadly nope. Still hated it. Then I thought we'll once I see baby I'll be happier!..... still nope.. THEN I was like we'll once I know the gender or feel baby it will be more real... it helped a little but still hate this. But I know soon as I see his face (it a boy!) I'll change my mind and I feel as if that might be you, not too sure about it now but once you're holding him/her it might change your mind and also if you ever change your mind about wanting him/her adoption is always there :-)

— @emileewells1153
Ya I have my moments (incredibly rare right now) but I have. Only thing I seem to be looking forward to litterly..is breastfeeding..wierd right? Everything else bout it, just not there yet. Some ppl know that I'm pregnant but I've not actually made the announcement yet bc I'm not exactly happy yet. Family that do know, will say happy things and I'm just like "ya wtf ever, that's what u say but u're not the one having a 3rd kid with 2 kids now that don't wanna listen to me) the slightest thing the kids father does that makes me mad I'm at his neck like crazy, same with my kids. I feel horrible, I feel like I'm actually a shitty ass girlfriend/mom all bc of this pregnancy.

— @brianne
Thats what I just keep telling myself, just breathe Whitney, ull get thru it like I've done before, the kids won't be as bad when baby here( hopefully is true) when my kids really really don't listen and I just break down..I think about abortion. And honestly I do feel shitty bout it cz I've already decided I'm keeping her. To top it off.. I Kno the gender already so it's not just a "baby" anymore, it's my daughter, I've heard her heart beat, she's there's it's really happening. Other than that Ive ha thotS bout just hurting myself ( I haven't actually done nething to myself in 7 yrs) but the thotS come and go. Would I really act on it? No bc my 2 that r here now are my world and I would never never abandon them, but I do have the thotS when things gets overly stressing. Feels good to talk to ppl bout it. Wasn't going to but the other night things got bad (cz kids won't listen to me mainly at bed time) and I finally told my boyfriend a lil bit how I was feeling bout how I thot bout cutting myself couple times, once I said those words out loud I realized that this pregnancy is really gettin to me and maybe it would help if I talked to ladies that r going thru this.

— @chocolatemomma
It definitely is a scary thot, I was never a stay at home mom but for the first 3 yrs of being a mom, I couldn't afford childcare so me and thier father would work opposite shifts so one of us at all times each were always with the kids, it get rough and then when u find a routine, it'll get easier, it wasn't unti till this past September we FINALLY got approved for help with childcare, both my girls now go to daycare and they love it, teachers are wonderful and seems to really help them out too, always being at home (for Mom and kids) not the best thing. Can make u feel crazy at times and definitely make u feel like u have no life nemore cept for being a mom.. and mom's..we r allowed to have our own time to ourselves too:) u seem happy bout ur pregnancy and that's Huge part of it. Thier father in the picture? He helping u thru hard times at home during this pregnancy and after?

— When I first found out I was very happy for literally a day or two then I hated myself, hated the baby, hated the pregnancy hated my fiancé. I wanted NOTHING to do with it.

— Don't feel so bad love. And don't let ANY damn body make you feel bad. Bad thoughts are very normal when you're dealing with stress, depression, or PPD. And I dealt with PPD for a long time after my 3 yr old was born. It doesn't just go away. As long as you aren't acting on anything dangerous or toxic, you're doing good. I'm against abortions, but of course would never judge anyone for every getting one or thinking of getting one, I would be the best support for them possible. But I did almost get one. But I just couldn't get myself to do it, especially after the "oh shit" feeling passed for my fiancé and he started talking about how he wants a boy. Lol. Just breathe, and don't stop doing your mom thing, and you'll be okay. (:

— Well, I didn't consider an abortion, but I just wasn't ready for another baby. I'm a stay at home mom so being home alone with two babies is a scary thought.

— @wpalko06 yep 18 months apart. I'm hoping it'll be OK.

— @chocolatemomma
So let's see they'll be bout 18 months apart? My 2 now are 18 months apart, it didn't seem as bad as I thot it would be, it's just this 3rd one now..idk just alot to handle.

— @brianne
This is what I wanted to hear cz thats how I'm feeling. I definitely thot bout abortion even tho I'm completely against it (hints to y I have 2 kids now) but it's really hard having all this drama/ my 2 kids now not listening and my hormones going crazy, I feel crazy all the time. And then I just think bad thotS and then feel bad I'm thinking them..I just feel like I'm going crazy thinking bout it all