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The first thing I did when I brought my newborn home was wi…

The first thing I did when I brought my newborn home was with my oldest all I did was stare at her and hold her 24 7 I'm surprised she wont spoiled 😂😂 she was my first baby so I couldn't help it.
With my youngest it was the same thing I constantly kept getting up to make sure she was still breathing and still do.


— @mathews132 Exactly 😂😂

— I cried, I was overwhelmed and sad cuz my brother passed away in 2008 and I knew she would never meet her amazing uncle...and also my mother and sister busted their butts cleaning and setting up for baby and me

— @proudmommy_0320, right...I'm like leave me be if I start dying you'll be the first to know lol

— @mathews132 I couldn't either the nurses kept coming in every hour mashing on my stomach and taking vital signs.

— @mama_kat89 Girl yes me too that water in the hospital did not get hot enough for me man lol I like my water steaming hot .

— @caseyxo2017 Girl me too especially with Janiyah girl I was just so overwhelmed I couldn't believe I had actually brought a human being into the world. It was the same with Ambraya kids is just a blessing i swear .

— Had a big cup of coffee, then showered. Thankfully he was out.

— Snuggled up and slept...I can't sleep in hospitals lol

— Made the strongest cup of coffee

— Drink some water and take a good shower lol