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I want to start working but I'm so nervous and I get such b…

I want to start working but I'm so nervous and I get such bad anxiety around people that I feel are testing me. I get hot and sweaty and feel pressured, like I might pass out. I don't know why, and some people in my family think I just don't want to work, but that's not the case. I really do want to work. I got pregnant when I was 16 and dropped out of high school. I'm 22 now and I haven't had to work because his dad always told me he didn't need me to work. To just be home with our son and start school again when our son starts school. So I've never had a job before. I just started adult school 6 months ago. And I feel like we are starting to be too low on money. But I feel like every time I think of applying somewhere I'll just fail when I'm being interviewed because of how anxious and awkward I'll get. I feel like such a failure and disappointment because I haven't started college yet and I'm just a stay at home mom. At least that's how certain people in my family have been making me feel. Lately my depression has been affecting me a little more and I feel like I barely have the energy to even want to get up and get me and my son ready for the day. I've been to therapy and have been given medication, but it doesn't help me.. I have no clue how to get over how I'm feeling.

Sorry for the little rant, I feel like I have nobody to really share what's going on with me that I know.


— @angelperez you're welcome 💙

— @momofdeuce, I'll try to keep that in mind haha I just get so in my head

— @tianadavis842, thanks girl ☺️

— I stay home all the time with my son and people think I'm lazy I have never worked before and i get nervous to. But I have been babysitting because I feel like I need to be doing something. Idk why I have been having hard time getting a job.
But it's ok keep you're head up

— You'll go on many interviews and thats where practice comes in ...dont go in thinking you're going to get the first job that you apply for because in reality you rarely do . I went on aloooooooot of interivews Before I was actually hired . but those failed attempts just made me better and once I got the hang of it . Iwm was able to walk in an interview with confidence because I now knew what was expected of me and what my answers should include . Dont worry about being nervous just think of it as a conversation although nerves will be there just don't let the nerves distract you from why you are there in the first place and thats to sell yourself for the job !b

— You will be alright... I am a SAHM too. And I want to work. TTC again so, I wont be able to work soon.