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PLEASE HELP! I was wanting to check with some other moms an…

PLEASE HELP! I was wanting to check with some other moms and pregnant women about the symptoms I've been having. Everyone keeps telling me my symptoms arent normal, but the hospital always tells me its normal or they dont know how to help and send me home. So im 23 weeks pregnant and was diagnosed with HG at 8 weeks. Ive been hospitalized 4 times since week 8 for severe vomiting lasting over 24 hours. And i have had nausea and puking every couple days the entire 2nd trimester. I also have horrible pains in my lower abdonmen the worst pain i have ever felt. It feels like my whole stomach just tightening up and then getting sharp and throbbing pains throughout. It doesnt feel like the usual round ligament pain ive felt. The pain has gotten worse this trimester also. I can barely stomach to eat anything and can only nibble here and there and try to drink my calories. Ive had increasing dizzy spells also with difficulty seeing and hearing sometimes, i fainted about 2 weeks ago from an episode. I also noticed some clear watery discharge today for the first time. What could all of this mean?!?! The drs have tried me on all the nausea meds and nothing works they say theyre out of ideas. The nausea and pain just WONT STOP and keep getting worse the further along I am. I feel so weak and am in so much pain all the time, if anyone has had similar problems what was the outcome amd what helped alleviate the symptoms? Anything helps thanks!


— Thanks everyone! And i do have an OB but he keeps telling me its just round ligament pain even though i told him it feels different and more severe.

— Omg I'm so sorry you're going through this , I too have HG so I know what it's like , Gatorade Ice cubs , I noticed ice cream sits well , sugar free gum & b6 vitamins. I hope you feel better

— Ask them to order you transfusions that's what mine did for me but I can't go sever nausea and dehydration can send you into preterm labor